With NaniFresh you stay with your customer, long after they have left your establishment.

Brand Recognition:

Our wet napkins make it effortless for guests to leave with a lasting impression long after they have left your establishment. It's not only about the wipe, but what they will take home with them.  We all love word of mouth marketing, because we know that it has been proven to be effective. Imagine a customer, after receiving their wipe, placing it in their bag and later on using it when time needs, and then talking about your restaurant next time they use their wipe.

For the most part business cards end up in the garbage. But with NaniFresh,  you will be giving your customers something that not only will have your name on it but will be useful for them and they will be able to use long after they have left your business.

Our main focus is brand expansion for businesses, so that they can market their name in an innovative way, while creating customer loyalty and brand recognition.

As a world class leader in manufacturing wipes, Nani Fresh uses state of the art technology to deliver the best quality, at cost efficient pricing.

Each business is different. Whether you are a spa or a restaurant, our team of professionals will sit down with you to target your needs.

Contact us and a representative will help you come up with the best option for your business.

Why We Wipe:

 By providing Nani Fresh wipes, restaurants can guarantee enjoyable mess-free dining experiences for their custumers. Nani Fresh wipes measure 7 inches by 8 inches when unfolded, and are available in an array of luxurious scents that leave skin feeling soft, smooth, and clean. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, any business who'd like to develop brand recognition.
Nani Fresh wipes are individually wrapped and fully customizable moist towelettes, available to supply to your customers today!



  • Do you want to reduce traffic to and from the restrooms?

  • Do you want to turn tables faster?

  • Do you want to provide neat and clean customer service?

  • Do you want to reduce expenses and maintain clean restrooms?

Did You Know?

  • Paper towels usage equals 1 cent per piece and average use is 2.5 pieces per bathroom vist.

  • Average water use per hand wash (with smart faucet) is 1 gallon equal to 1-2 cents.

  • Air dryers can cost anywhere from 2 to 13 cents per use!


Brand Recognition.

By providing Nani Fresh wipes, you will give your customer something they won't want to leave behind.

Now you'll have costumers carrying your business card around.


Your tagline fits right here...

Nani Fresh wipes are water based and do not need soap and water to use. 


Nani Fresh wipes are made from premium non-woven fabric. They are extremely durable, ultra-absorbent, and cushioned to wipe away dirt and debris.


Nani Fresh wipes are packaged in specially designed, and fully customizable wrapping that locks in moisture to ensure you'll experience a perfectly moist Nani Fresh wipe every time.

The unfolded size of the Nani Fresh wipe is approximately 7” by 8 and they are sold in a 1000 count box at affordable wholesale pricing.

Nani Fresh wipes also have an array of refreshing scents to choose from. 

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