As a world class leader in manufacturing wipes, Nani Fresh uses state of the art technology to deliver the best quality, at cost efficient pricing.


Our main focus is brand expansion for businesses, so that they can market their name in an innovative way, while creating customer loyalty and brand recognition.


Each business is different. Whether you are a spa or a restaurant, our team of professionals will sit down with you to target your needs.


Contact us and a representative will help you come up with the best option for your business.

Why We Wipe:


With Nani Fresh wipes, customers can quickly wipe their hands clean while leaving no unsafe residue behind. Made from pre-moistened ultra-absorbent non-woven fabric, these velvety soft wet naps expertly stand up to finger foods and the tough messes they leave behind. By providing Nani Fresh wipes, restaurants can guarantee enjoyable mess-free dining experiences for their customers. Nani Fresh wipes measure 7 inches by 8 inches when unfolded, and are available in an array of luxurious scents that leave skin feeling soft, smooth, and clean. Ideal for restaurants, food trucks, diners and catered events, these wet napkins make it effortless for guests to stay clean. Nani Fresh wipes are individually wrapped and fully customizable moist towelettes, available to supply to your customers today!

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